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IML(In Mould Labelling) / THIN WALL

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Putting R&D at the heart of what we do

Use our expertise to your advantage - create to pack and delight!
With our experienced, skilful and innovative R&D department, we will work closely with you at every important step of your project. Our designs and technical solutions will be tailored specifically to your needs, and we will ensure that they are suitable for mass production as well as matching your marketing and sales requirements.

We take a customised approach to each product, using our knowledge of various materials, colours and finishing techniques, as well as our ability to combine differently structured materials, to give you a unique, high-performance and cost-effective product. For over ten years we've been combining bi-injection moulding with IML to bring greater aesthetic quality to your packaging and to help you stand out from your competitors.


  • Rescaset: covered dish with compartments
  • Unilever: opening system with tamper-proof caps
  • Bongrain: hexagonal packaging
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