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IML(In Mould Labelling) / THIN WALL

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Bringing our expertise to niche products

Our cutting-edge, high-performance processes are not just restricted to mass production - we also use them to develop niche products for clients outside the food industry.

We have applied our knowledge and expertise in injection, moulding, IML and thin wall to the manufacture of products for the thermal and chemical industries. We even work with the fine art industry, an example being our paint tube tops. All of our clients can rest assured that they will benefit from our tailored designs and receive the same quality of service as our biggest clients, no matter how complex their requirements or how small their order.


  • Butagaz: IML tags for gas canisters
  • Les Repas Santé: packing crates made from recycled resin
  • Lefranc & Bourgeois: paint tube closures
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