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IML(In Mould Labelling) / THIN WALL

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Keeping up with food industry trends

Our range of trays, containers, plates and dishes, which come in compartmented and non-compartmented versions, reflects the breadth of our knowledge and expertise. For this range, we manufacture products in a variety of formats, materials and colours in order to meet different technical requirements, such as ensuring the packaging is hygienic and that food is kept warm and can be reheated and served safely.

The mass catering market, as with all areas of the eating-out industry, is widening the range of products it offers and starting to follow other trends in the food industry. Our clients now require packaging products that are manufactured cost-effectively using a minimum volume of raw materials, require lower storage capacity, and are environmentally friendly.


  • Rescaset: covered plate with compartments
  • Rescaset: “Exception” bowl for mass catering
  • Containers tailored to your needs
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