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IML(In Mould Labelling) / THIN WALL

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Leading the iced product market

We work closely with our clients to develop the unique technical aspects of their iced product packaging. Whether we're working on an extra-large tub used in mass catering, or a single-portion pot for eating on the go, we carefully study our client's requirements to deliver a high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing packaging product.

You will recognise two of our flagship designs as top products from the eating-on-the-go market. The packaging for Calippo Shots has a bright, colourful, but carefully constructed design aimed at a young audience. Its unique opening system includes a tamper-proof cap. The single-portion Carte d'Or ice cream container, one of our most recent creations, is a bi-material product manufactured using IML and translucent and gold resins. The uniquely-shaped container also includes a small spoon attached to the lid.

These two products are excellent examples of our innovative, tailor-made packaging for products in extremely cold temperatures, which use shape, colour and presentation to meet the stringent marketing requirements of the industry.


  • Large-capacity, family-sized tubs
  • Unilever: tailor-made ice cream tub
  • Lids made using bi-material injection and IML
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