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IML(In Mould Labelling) / THIN WALL

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Diversifying our packaging products


Whether it’s soft cheese, hard cheese or spreads, nearly every day new products are launched. Being at the cutting edge of this constantly evolving sales and marketing market, our clients are always looking for ways to attract consumers, widening and diversifying their product ranges, introducing new tastes, textures and formats, and, of course, developing their packaging. We work with them every step of the way to create packaging designs that make their products stand out from the crowd.

As specialists in the packaging of cheese and dairy products, and with our IML technology, we are easily able to modify dairy packaging designs to match seasonal or industry-led product changes, or a new marketing campaign. We also take pride in the high quality of printing and materials used in every one of our products.


  • Bongrain: Elle & Vire butter container
  • Bongrain: lids and pots for Chaumes cheese
  • Triballat: two-piece blister packaging for Rians goats’ cheese
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