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IML(In Mould Labelling) / THIN WALL

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Technically complex, reliable and simple to use

With our high-speed moulding processes we have widened our range of complex caps and closure devices. We work closely with our clients to fully develop their products, with complex designs assembling components such as inverted screws and clips.

No matter how complex the moulding process, from simple, single-material clip lids to the most complicated screw tops and hinge lids, we work hard to achieve the same levels of high-quality performance.

We're constantly pushing the boundaries of our technical research in order to provide the reliable, practical and aesthetically-pleasing products that are required by our clients and by the industry as a whole. We meticulously study every single element of our designs to choose the best colours, materials, printing and textures for your packaging, and also to ensure that it is functional, easy-to-handle, safe, and fully protects the product inside.


  • Development of the new bi-texture and bi-color cap of McCormick
  • Les Salins du Midi: double-flap lid with tamper-proof seal for La Baleine salt
  • McCormick: spice lids
  • High-speed sealing for McCormick
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