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IML(In Mould Labelling) / THIN WALL

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A family affair spanning four generations

The company was founded by Paul Hébert in 1930, and over the last three generations the family has maintained a constant focus on innovation and looking to the future. The company's history is punctuated with a number of key technological developments, achieved on the back of its policy of ongoing investment and research.

1960s - a change in production methods

The company opened itself up to mass production markets by building a new production facility in the industrial area of Orgelet, France. To this day, the facility allows us to continue expanding to meet the growing demand from our clients. And its location, in the Jura mountains of eastern France, places us right at the heart of Europe.

1970s - IML pioneers

The third generation of the family continued to uphold the company's reputation for innovation, and increased its food packaging production, by pioneering the use of IML (in-mould labelling). The IML technique was first used in our workshops 35 years ago, and Herplast has now perfected the process to the point that it is one of our most frequently used techniques.


  • Jean Hébert, the innovator
  • Paul Hébert, the founder
  • Some of our very first products



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