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IML(In Mould Labelling) / THIN WALL

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Future packaging materials: our finger is on the pulse

We constantly monitor developments in materials used for packaging, with our laboratory facilities allowing us to characterise new types of resin for all temperatures, from extreme cold to extreme heat. Our current research is focused on bio-materials and eco-design - the future of the packaging industry. This focus on the future is a true reflection of the creativity and forward thinking that beats at the very heart of our company.

Cutting-edge production techniques

Over the years we've constantly developed our production facilities, pre-empting both our clients' needs and industry developments, as part of our vision for technical and creative innovation. Our high-performance and custom-built facilities have enabled high-speed production, multi-material injection, stack moulding and the production of complex cap designs, as well as the implementation of quality control methods to meet food industry requirements. Technical products and creativity are part of our idea of innovation.


  • High-speed moulding with stack mould
  • Resin characterisation in our laboratory



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