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Green by nature

We've been based in Orgelet, in the heart of the Jura mountains, since 1967.
With such a location, it's only natural that the environment is one of our primary concerns. We believe that the plastics industry, which has a large presence in the area, needs to lead by example with its attitude to environmental issues.

Our green approach means that we go beyond simple legal requirements. Over the last 15 years a number of eco-friendly measures have been implemented to ensure that our supplies, industrial processes and emissions are managed in a way that reduces our environmental impact to an absolute minimum.

Our work on thin wall packaging is a perfect example of this eco-friendly approach. Our R&D department is focusing much of its work on innovative, bio-sourced materials. We have reduced our energy consumption with modern manufacturing equipment, and have increased recycling levels by using IML technology and creating single-material products. We also recycle scrap materials and reuse cardboard containers in our workshops.


  • Brunch plastic containers: thin wall packaging
  • Les Repas Santé: packing crate made from recycled materials
  • Thickness reduction for McCormick-Ducros



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